A Better Tomorrow

16 Jun

Everyone has an addiction, mine happens to be computers. However, am petrified at the idea of my computer talking to me one day. Have you seen the latest iPhone that has ‘Siri’ being your best friend. There’s even talk of a microchip being implanted in your forehead that lets you communicate to anyone via calls or text at the tap of your head. Cool? Right? Weird? Still?

A.I will increase the pace of getting jobs done as well as being more efficient  As the level of AI increases so will their competency to deal with difficult, complex even dangerous tasks that are currently done by humans, a form of applied artificial intelligence. This basically gives us a reason of being more lazy without regret.

It will increase Our Technological Growth Rate and will potentially help us ‘open doors’ into new and more advanced technological breakthroughs. For instance, due to their ability to produce millions and millions of computer modelling programs also with high degrees of accuracy, machines could essentially help us to find and understand new chemical elements and compounds etc. Basically, a very realistic advantage AI could propose is to act as a sort of catalyst for further technological & scientific discovery. We might finally be able to discover if there is life outside earth. How awesome yet terrifying is that?

Machines will never sleep, therefore, every city in the world that adopts A.I will never sleep. Basically every city will give New York a run for it’s money.  Machines never stop, never get ill and need no breaks. Obviously may be the need for them to be charged or refueled, however the point is, they are definitely going to get a lot more work done than we can. All that is required is that they have some energy source.

Their function is almost limitless – as the machines will be able to do everything (but just better) essentially their use, pretty much doesn’t have any boundaries. They will make fewer mistakes, they are emotionless, they are more efficient, they are basically giving us more  free time to do as we please. I guess divorce cases due to over indulgence in work will be fewer and life will be full, a Paris in every home 🙂

10 thoughts on “A Better Tomorrow

  1. Machines could accelerate growth in third world countries, which is good news fo everyone. The possibilities are unlimited though as always the cost of building is high. We need to get started ASAP.

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    • Setting up AI in a biz sounds expensive especially at this time and age when we are just discovering the limits to AI. I’d say people in the work force still have time to adapt and improve their skills. Hopefully this time people will be more responsive than when computers were first introduced.

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