A Glance into the Future

22 May

Recently, I was having a debate with my friends about the best movie to have graced our screens the past year. All my brain could argue for was the ‘Transformers’ (It’s not that am a vivid lover of cars or wreckage in movies, in fact most people who know me would bluntly tell you am quite the opposite), Truth be told, ‘Interstellar’ came a close second. So the mystery remains why I would argue for such movies that have nothing of value other than an over explosive budgets.

The beauty with them is the imagination and creativity. Imagine a world where machines could actually verbally communicate with humans terminator-like. Imagine a world where robots delivered food stuff from ‘McDonalds’ or the new favorite franchise in town ‘Naked Pizza’ Imagine going to work with robots as your workmates or for the video game lovers having a virtual simulation game model playing against their own computer or console. Imagine the beauty of generating a human brain inside a machine.

All this is possible and it is actually happening as we speak. How? Simply put, A.I? Or for the not so familiar with these two initials, Artificial Intelligence. This is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. This is the ability to interact with the environment through sensory means and the ability to make decisions in unforeseen circumstances without human intervention. How cool is that!!!


Technology is expanding rapidly and it’s borrowing a book from Moore’s law especially due to the internet where knowledge is passed on quicker than reviews of the previous night’s Telemundo romantic series in boutiques. Artificial Intelligence is definitely a key field in the near future. The question, however, remains, is it really good or catastrophic? Penny for your thoughts!!!

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