What has Been Done so Far

11 Jun

In every new field (IoT isn’t that new: the first internet connected toaster was unveiled in 1989), there are pioneers who lead the way for other interested parties to follow. They create standards that become widely used as they go along. Some of these are ZigBee and Arduino.

In Britain, where the use of IoT is largest, the government is pushing for the use of smart meters. Why? With the automation and the data generated and received, energy can be saved and used efficiently. These smart meters also apply to gas. They show you how much energy you use as you use it. Say good bye to estimated electricity bills at the end of the month and welcome an accurate, detailed bill that you can manage. As you use your electricity, the same readings you see on your smart monitor are the same that get passed to the energy companies. The only challenge we might face in Africa is the cost of installing the gadgets. This can be solved by creating simpler more efficient devices.

According to a report by Beecham Research, the internet of things could be key to the farming industry meeting the challenge of increasing food production by 70% by 2050. According to this report, IoT can be used to increase production and reduce waste. This is good news considering the fact that there are still people in our country and around the world that have no access to food and the world’s population will increase to 9.6 billion by 2050. I think this is the next big step after machines in the farming industry. It would lead to more efficiency in food production and researchers would really benefit from it (with the data that will be generated).

These are just but a few examples of how IoT can be implemented. I picked these two scenarios because they apply to our country and can help us solve some of our problems.

If you find other ideas that can be implemented in Kenya please share and let’s get a conversation going.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more posts.


  1. British Gas Meter Challenge – More on the British Gas Meter
  2. Beecham IoT Research – Deeper look into the report


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