Who Destroyed the World?

26 Jun

Let’s hit the pause button and think. With the rapid rise in technology seen as an easy ride to a better tomorrow, are there things that we have missed? We as humans are prone to mistakes, and a lot of them I must say, after all. Are we venturing with screwed smiles on our faces only to start the highly competitive blame games that come with negative consequences? Let’s ask ourselves if Artificial Intelligence is really beneficial or disastrous.

Case point number one, is the casualties of people who will be dimmed surplus to requirements in their places of work. Machines are more accurate in their results and this is what employers will look at in order to cut down on their costs or improve productivity. That been said the human race will have lazier people cropping up faster than maize in a corn field.

Then there’s the fear of annihilation of the human race. Imagine the apocalypse with machines taking over. I have a theory, that the world revolves around history, look at fashion and the hair cuts trending in the modern world, there was a time they were there in the 20th century and before albeit we have added a bit of swag and panache, I must admit. Anyway, the point am driving home is that we are slowly slipping into slavery. Whether through the internet or the smart phones, very few people can say they cannot live without them. Most if not all of us rely on them.

There’s a certain research that is undergoing in Geneva where professors and scientists are looking at how to stop killer robots, that is, if the machines start dropping humans like flies, remember they will have no emotions and thus psychopathic. How will they be stopped? Should we really invent things that are dimmed harmful to us? And what will happen if these machines start to think for themselves?

I’ll leave you to argue out on this. Read my article on ‘A Better Tomorrow’ to know how A.I is beneficial. Then the ball is your court, you decide.

One thought on “Who Destroyed the World?

  1. Setting up AI in a biz sounds expensive especially at this time and age when we are just discovering the limits to AI. I’d say people in the work force still have time to adapt and improve their skills. Hopefully this time people will be more responsive than when computers were first introduced.

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